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Dr Stephen Bianchi, Consultant in General Internal and Respiratory Medicine, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK @ White Lion Medical Ltd

Areas of Practice



We offer a full clinical diagnostic service supported by close working relationships with the Department of Radiology and local/peripheral NHS services. Diagnostic tools include clinical history and examination, radiology (most frequently CT scanning), lung function testing and specific blood tests. Dr Bianchi acts as Clinical Lead for Interstitial Lung Disease at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and NHS England anti-fibrotic therapy prescribing centre, and can offer transfer through to NHS services and dedicated multidisciplinary care, if required.


White Lion Medical offers a comprehensive evaluation of patients with symptoms of breathlessness without current diagnostic label. Clinical evaluation includes detailed history taking and examination coupled with detailed testing of the respiratory, haematological and cardiac systems. The availability of specialist cardiopulmonary exercise testing and close clinical working relationships with consultants in cardiology complement the diagnostic offering. Treatment options are tailored to the final clinical diagnosis.


Cough is a symptom, not a disease. It is a common symptom of a wide variety of diseases that can be relatively benign to conditions such as lung cancer. Consequent to this it is imperative that patients receive timely and detailed evaluation, initially to exclude (or confirm) serious or important conditions and subsequently, if appropriate, to reassure and focus treatment to eliminate underlying causes and manage symptoms. As the possible diagnostic possibilities are wide and investigations often extensive and multiple, White Lion Medical offers a bespoke, agreed, stepwise approach to testing and treatment.


White Lion Medical Ltd offers an integrated clinical sleep service with close ties with local and peripheral NHS services. Dr Bianchi offers a diagnostic service incorporating clinical history and examination, sleep diagnostics (domiciliary or hospital based sleep studies), accurate diagnosis with treatment plan focussed on personal need in the context of national and international standards and guidelines and consistent with a patients legislative responsibilities. Treatment trials can be arranged either within the private sector or through onward referral to affiliated colleagues or services within the NHS. As Clinical Lead for Sleep & Ventilation Services at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Bianchi is well placed to provide seamless care across the private sector/NHS interface.


Patients with recurrent respiratory infection required detailed evaluation of the structure and function of the lungs coupled with detailed, yet focussed, evaluation of the efficiency of the patient’s immune system. Through clinical examination supported by clinical history, lung function testing and radiological evaluation a diagnosis can often be delivered with clinical advice for prevention and treatment of infective episodes. A clinical evidence based approach is used to deliver best, effective care, using the minimum therapeutic interventions required, hence limiting side effect of multiple medications. The use of chest clearance techniques is central with clinical links to respiratory physiotherapy in both the private and NHS sectors available.


A number of clinical presentations often fall outwith a traditional speciality and requires a more generalist approach through history taking, clinical examination and broad investigations including blood testing and radiological tests amongst others. This service may offer an initial screening service identifying possible or probable diagnoses with onward referral to speciality consultants, if required.


Dr Bianchi offers a comprehensive outpatient clinical review encompassing clinical examination, history taking and specific, detailed, lung function testing for all obstructive lung diseases. The distinction between conditions is critical to deliver guideline defined therapies and interventions to improve patients symptoms and quality of life. Close links with NHS services and consultant colleagues in the immediate locality and beyond facilitate joined up seamless care between the NHS primary and secondary care providers and the private sector.


Many other areas of respiratory medicine have not been specifically described in other areas. The management of pneumonia, lung nodules, pneumothorax (punctured lung), abnormal chest X-rays etc. are also catered for. In general terms if lung cancer is the main concern our view is that the NHS offers an excellent, rapid service to patients that can rarely be bettered in the private sector. However, some patients do benefit from early appointment and discussion with signposting of care and additional information being made available to NHS cancer physicians. We are happy to support and guide patients through this difficult time.


Dr Bianchi has a diverse respiratory research portfolio spanning many of the fields of respiratory medicine previously described. Although White Lion Medical Ltd is unable to offer recruitment to and involvement in clinical research trials Dr Bianchi will discuss opportunities available to you within the existing NHS led research portfolio. For those interested, with agreement of clinical commissioning groups and primary care provides care can be transferred to the NHS services thus opening up opportunities for those patients interested in participating in clinical research.